Friday, August 5, 2011

Let's talk....Burglar's Thighs!

What!? Burglar's Thighs!? Yup, that's right -these burglar's thighs never tasted so good! Burglar's thighs, otherwise known as Heart of Palm, is a heavenly little surprise that lives at the center of certain palm trees. Once harvested and canned, they become a flavorful, if not addictive, addition to salads and casseroles or they can be eaten directly from the can as a low calorie snack. But not every can is filled with instant magic - finding the right brand is much like finding the perfect wine with dinner.
Luckily for you I have had years in the field - conducting very extensive research on which brand delivers a nice, soft in texture, bursting with flavor palm and which brand delivers a hard, rotten, spotten and stained palm.

And the Winner is....
Season Brand Heart of Palm
Weather in the can or glass jar, these burglar's thighs really pack a punch. They have the perfect texture of not too hard, not too soft and always score high in flavor. In London my palm option is Green Giant (pictured above) and I would have to say these come in a close second - like nipping at the heels second - like almost a straight up tie second.

And the Loser is....
Sorry Roland Brand - I've tried hard to make these work but I consistently just get a hard, flavorless, brown stained palm - now that is just one burglar thigh you don't want to eat!


frank said...

Is there any reason why it's called burglar's thigh? Or is that just an arbitrary name assigned to Heart of Palm? Thanks!

Jono said...

More to the point, can anyone find a source for burglar's thigh that does not lead to Wikipedia?

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